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Art doesn’t come from us; it comes through us. 

Our task is to be the open channel, to create every good circumstance for effortless flow. To practice mercy in all directions.

High Noon Moonset, Alex’s Oak

Art is an opportunity.

Get out of your small self and into your spacious, eternal, infinite consciousness that was not born and will not die. 

High Noon Moonset, Alex’s Oak
Sacred Mountain & Cypress Trees

Simply show up, relax, enter the stream.

We simply show up, relax, enter the stream with an open, merciful heart. The more we practice, the more we become a happy, unfettered channel.


The irresistible force flows through us, unstoppable—absolutely portable, completely free, available in every moment: unshakable, joyful refuge in the here and now.


This is an invitation.

I love to teach, to try to find words to describe a wordless process. 

My teachings unfold at the intersection of contemplative practice and creative play. 

I invite you on this journey of exploring the ever-deepening process of looking, waiting and looking again.


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